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When it comes to marketing, businesses now have a broad amount of options available to them. As technology has evolved, influencer or affiliate marketing has become an increasingly popular way to advertise and promote a product, service or campaign. 

If you’ve never heard of influencer or affiliate marketing before, it is essentially a type of marketing whereby a business or brand makes use of  influential individuals or platforms with a large and/or loyal follower or fan base to infiltrate a new market or grow brand awareness. There are many avenues in which to drive brand awareness, including Instagram posts, product reviews or blog pieces relating to the products or service. 

This form of marketing can be hugely beneficial to a business, as relationships and trust are the foundation of brand-loyalty. This connection can be established faster and easier because consumers or clients already have a relationship with the influencer or publication they follow.

The best influencers and publications promote products and services in an organic and natural way that resonates with their follower base. 

Affiliate Marketing - The Four Principle Actors

Purchases a product


Drives traffic by promoting campaigns


Sets campaigns, tracks conversions, manages finances


Reaches the customer

Become a publisher

How it works

Performance-based marketing is a marketing avenue in which a business rewards influencers or publishers for each website visitor, client or customer created by the affiliate’s marketing efforts.

For example, a company runs a campaign to sell electronics online, and offers to pay 15% commission to the influencer or affiliate for each sale.

  • We use state of the art software that connects brands, campaigns, affiliates and analytics in one, easy-to-use platform.
  • Designed for growth. Easy-to use platform, regardless of the number of campaigns you are managing.
  • Measure and track your marketing efforts. Reportable metrics help you see if you are hitting your targets.
  • Flexible, multi-tiered commission models. Earn up to 35% commission. 
  • We value full transparency and guarantee on-time monthly payments every time. 
  • Our technical expertise is available 24/7 to help you manage, track and improve your conversion metrics.
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